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B-Parts is a leader in the online distribution of used auto parts. Our parts come from damaged cars,ready to be reused in other vehicles. All parts sold by B-Parts are original (OEM) and have a warranty. We invest daily for our customers to enjoy a unique browsing and shopping experience.

B-Parts' customers include not only professionals in the sector who work in car maintenance and repair, as well as all the individuals who, in an intelligent and informed way, seek to reduce the expenses associated with their vehicles, using used original parts. When choosing to buy at B-Parts, customers are able in real time to consult the updated stock of parts with guarantee and quality of operation, as well as having an estimate of their delivery time.

No, we don't have a physical store, all orders must be placed through the B-Parts website and our parts are stored in different European locations. 

B-Parts contains a continuous, closed and certified network of Scrap yards located in Portugal, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Lithuania. All parts sold can be traced to the Scrap Yard's Certificate of the vehicle in which they were mounted. . This network is able to meet our quality and guarantee standards.

Our network of suppliers is closed and certified. This is the only way we can offer the best quality of information, customer service and warranty on used parts. Our supplier selection process is careful and rigorous.

All of our orders will be shipped with a tracking number, allowing customers to track their order, since the moment it is collected at the pick up point until its delivery to the address provided.

At the moment of packaging if we detect some operational problems, or damage not detected initially, B-parts seeks to ofer a new solution of similar value, which meets the needs of customers. Of course, the alternatives depend on the used parts in stock. The main concern of B-Parts is provide and excellent service and full customer satisfaction. 

B-Parts guarantees that your data is completely safe with us. All information is encrypted using our SSL Certificate to guarantee total security of any sensitive information.

At the same time, we keep your personal data private and confidential and only disclose it with your consent or if legally permitted. For more details, see the B-Parts Privacy Policy.

Our support team is available through the website's live chat or call center, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (WEST). You can always send us a message here and we usually respond on the same day, or within the next 24 hours (on weekdays, of course!).

In compliance with the RGPD * to delete your registration, just send the request in writing to the representative of the Person Responsible for the Processing of Personal Data - rgpd@b-parts.com.

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