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Track your order (Frequently Asked Questions)

How may we help you?

All products indicate a transit time and a date from which the part can be delivered, counted in working days.

Our delivery dates are only a guide as they are based on the transit time of the carriers.

B-Parts is not responsible for delays by logistics partners, although we try to minimize possible delays.

No. The delivery date indicated on the website is not binding. Once you have the order tracking you should contact the carrier (via website, email or phone) to check the delivery status.

B-Parts has its stock distributed in different countries and works with different carriers. Once the order is dispatched, the customer will receive an email with the shipping number and the name of the company that will make the delivery. This information can be consulted simultaneously in the B-Parts account. For more details, we advise you to contact the carrier directly with the tracking number of the order.

At B-Parts we try to process and ship your order in the shortest possible time. At the moment the order is confirmed, the delivery address is immediately processed. If you find an error, please write to us as soon as possible: geral@b-parts.com. Changing the delivery address may require payment of additional fees.

Expeditions are already made in express mode. We cannot accelerate the delivery of any order. We also warn that there are parts that, for safety reasons, can only be carried by road, which may imply a longer delivery time or some delay in relation to the estimated time on the website.

To see if it is possible to deliver to your country we need to estimate shipping costs. To do this, we need you to send us an email containing the item you want to buy, as well as the postal code, location and country of destination.