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Waranty (Frequently Asked Questions)

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B-Parts offers a guarantee on all its products, provided that the parts are assembled in workshops regulated by law.

All parts sold by B-Parts, as they are used products, include a 12 month warranty, as long as the parts are installed in certified garages.

This period will be counted from the day the part is received by the customer. 

In the case of a part that is still covered by the warranty period, B-Parts will replace it with an equivalent part, available in stock at the same price. 

If the part is unique, B-Parts can propose a repair agreement or issue a full refund.

We are dealing with a warranty when and once the part is correctly installed and during the validity of the warranty period, some non-conformity in its operation is detected.

If the part is not working correctly, the customer will, in the first instance, have to communicate in writing to claims@b-parts.com with as much detail as possible of the problem that occurs with the ordered product.

The after-sales department may request photos, videos, proof of installation in the workshop to be able to analyze the problem detected in the part.

Labor and the use of replacement vehicles are absolutely excluded from the warranty of the parts sold;

Consumables and wear parts;

Damage or paint defects, since the parts are used and may show signs of use;

Defects or damage described before purchasing the item;

Any accessory element of the part that, as a courtesy, was sent with it.

Yes. The products are duly identified by their own brands and engravings, for the correct identification of their origin, in case they have to be returned.

Such marks and engravings cannot be manipulated, otherwise the articles will lose their warranty.

The engine warranty refers exclusively to the complete engine, comprised of the engine head, block, crankcase and respective internal operating components.

In the case of diesel engines, the warranty also includes the injection pump and the turbo, if these elements are included.

For the engine warranty to be valid, it is necessary to check the replacement of the timing belt. That is, it is mandatory to change the timing belt.

Excluded from the warranty are external parts that may be fitted to the engine, such as: the injector body, injectors, sleeves, distributor, coils, water pump, clutch, intake and exhaust manifolds, different radiators, depressors, fans, different sensors and electrical installations or any other part not previously mentioned.

Regarding the engines, the heating and overheating of the engine for reasons other than this and the inappropriate use of oils and other fluids are still excluded from the guarantee.

No warranty will be accepted unless the following steps are followed when installing this type of part:

- Filter replacement;

- Cleaning the circuit, using appropriate equipment and liquids;

- Checking the expansion valve, if it is not in good condition, it should be replaced; in the case of a compressor in which the cold circuit uses a throttle valve, this must be replaced;

- Use of the appropriate gas for which the compressor was designed;

- Check the compressor oil level after assembly.